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Duration3 Days
Type of ExperienceExcursion
Advance reservations2 days before

Disfrute de una increíble experiencia en Pico Duarte

This peak of 3,087 meters is the highest of the Antilles is located in the Cordillera Central. The climb is quite an adventure that many foreigners do each year and Dominicans to enjoy a trip on foot or by mule, where you can observe part of our flora and fauna. This will be a unforgetable experience.

  • Be in perfect health.
  • 3 Days
  • Lodging the night before leaving with dinner.
  • Luggage mule.
  • Mule people.
  • Sleeping bags.
  • Mattress.
  • Lunch, breakfast and dinner. Park entrances.
  • Park guide.
  • Personal guide.
  • You should only bring your personal things (hacking shoes, medicines, raincoat, covers, sunscreen, clothes, etc.).
  • Thick coat or jacket.
  • 2 pairs of comfortable walking shoes (mainly BOOTS and tennis shoes for walking – thick soles, not pumas-type tennis shoes – or other boots for emergencies).
  • Cold pants.
  • Focus.
  • Cap.
  • Layer of rain.
  • Gloves.
  • Swimsuit.
  • Towel.
  • Whistle.
  • Sleeping bag and/or thick blanket.
  • Small thermos to carry in a backpack.
  • Personal items (deodorant, toothbrush, wipes, any prescription medications, 1 toilet paper roll, etc.).

Pico Duarte

The highest in the Antilles

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